Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, January 23, 2010

T & K Day!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:53 pm  

It’s always good when I get to spend extra time with Kathy!
J, K and I walked the 4 miles to the park and back. I ran about 2 miles.

I haven’t been exercising much this month. Too cold.

We enjoyed hanging out with the geese.

I saw some interesting signs on our walk.




I liked the color of these leaves.

I think this came from a hornet’s nest.

This lock looked like it should be on the space shuttle.

On the way home, K’s feet hurt, so she walked on the cold pavement. She said it helped!

Took K out for Chinese food for lunch. Excellent.

Then over to Snellville to see Sherlock Holmes. It was ok. I was kind of disappointed.

Working on admin stuff this evening.

Ashley was doing a beauty treatment. She’s the only woman I know who could pull off this look.

Hasta manana!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

FBC Powell!

Tim A. Cummins @ 12:19 am  

Had a fun visionary day today!

Jesse and I went to my office at FBC Doraville to meet up with the team leaders for missions for FBC Powell, TN. I’ve worked with Steve Shipley for three years. They’ve brought some terrific teams to help us. Steve and Tim McGee are on staff doing missions in TN.


They’d like to take their partnership to the next level by helping to plant a church in the ethnic community.

We spent a few hours talking about what they’d like to see happen. We are really on the same page with this and I think there will be many people come to Jesus.

I invited Eduardo Zamora to meet with them so he could hear what they’d like to do as well. I believe Eduardo is a natural church planter with a real heart for reaching the lost.

We also went by Huntington Terraces to check on our great team from FBC Mountain Park. Praise the Lord for that good church!

I can always count on them to help me!

We met up with Sheila Zamora at Huntington Ridge. I took Steve and Tim from FBC Powell to check out the facilities and get to know the Zamora family.

J and I also went by Best Buy. I’ve been having problems with my camera. Focus issues. So I talked to the Photography Department head.

She agreed that there was a problem and encouraged me to send it back to Canon. Two more weeks without my camera. What a bummer.

I looked at other models to see if I’d like to upgrade. I like mine better than the more expensive ones. At least so far.

Back home to work on admin stuff.