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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping! Ashley! BPPV!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:05 pm  

I took my girls out for lunch today for Chinese food. It was ok.

Then to Kroger for some shopping.
k They’ve moved stuff in the store around again. I hate that!
While I was there I picked up a knee brace for Ashley. She hurt herself during the ice storm.

She seems better today. She’s anxious because school starts tomorrow and that means a LOT of walking. Pray for her!
Also did research on my dizziness. You may wonder, “Why haven’t you done that before?”

Here’s the deal. My personality, if I’m not careful, will actually generate symptoms! That’s true for a lot of people!

I’ve always felt it was an inner ear problem, although I’m confident that my doctor’s diagnosis of hypotension was also correct. But I’d have symptoms when I didn’t stand up, but just roll over in the bed. THAT is what made me keep coming back to the inner ear condition.

So I started doing research and apparently what I have (at least what I think I have) is called Benign Paroxysmal Position Vertigo.

Basically, a small piece of calcium from the cupula comes out and goes down one of the canals that controls balance. As they roll along they give the patient the feeling of extreme vertigo. Let me tell you, I don’t frighten easily, but when you get these severe spins it’s mighty scary.

The treatment involves positioning the head in several motions to try and get these small pieces to roll out of the canal. I’ve tried some of the exercises (which caused me extreme vertigo) but to no avail. At least not yet.

So I wrote my doctor and let her know what else I’d found out. There are treatments but all of them require a doctor’s prescription.

We’ll see what she says. It was interesting to see how it all works.

Still not feeling great. Got a touch of what Kathy has. I’m going to go to the mission tomorrow so keep praying!

I apologize for always talking about my sickness. I’m bored of it too!

At least I still look good!

And under the topic, “Food I’ll Never Eat.”