Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Georgetown! Dad! Christmas!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:43 pm  

Jesse took us and picked us up from the airport. I appreciated that.

Kathy and I just got back from an emotional trip to Texas.

I had the chance to visit with Dad a few times.

The most special was when he let me feed him. I’d had a lot of practice with Penelope!

Saturday, he was non responsive when we tried to wake him. Early Christmas morning, he went to be with the Lord.

It was sad, yet not unbearably so because we all knew that Dad was way better off now. His quality of life hadn’t been very high for the last few months especially.

Most of the arrangements had already been taken care of so there wasn’t much that we had to do. We had a meeting with the funeral home.

Tentative date for the Celebration Service will be on January the 21st.

Mom and I went over to the Wesleyan to pick up Dad’s stuff. Mom said goodbye to many people there.

Our first night in Texas, we enjoyed eating with Peggy Hooten, my Mom, brother and his daughter.

I loved the lights in downtown Georgetown around the square.

We got to hear my niece Katie Cummins sing at the Roots club with her friend Caliegh.

GREAT to spend time with my brother, Jim.

We always enjoy visiting with our families in Texas!

The girls love their Grandpa!

It’s always fun to have little kids at Christmas!


The next morning we got to Skype with Ashley, Miles, and Penelope! WOOT!

Many friends came over to express their condolences to us over the passing of my dad, Al Cummins.

Family is important!

K and I had fun biking around Georgetown. Here’s Blue Hole.

I check out the Land of Dead Tractors whenever I visit.

We biked around Georgetown and Southwestern University. I thought this was odd.

This is where I lived throughout high school and Baylor University.

We found out on this trip that Elvis Presley dated a girl who lived here when he was serving at Fort Hood in Texas! Apparently, he visited the house many times. WOW!

Our final day in Georgetown, we ate with my Mom, Jim and the two Kathy’s!

The old Post Office was across the street from where we ate. I had never been in there. I had fun scoping it out and talking to one of the ladies there.


I love the architecture in Georgetown, TX. It’s the county seat.

Interesting cloud turbulence.