Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Research! Penelope!

Tim A. Cummins @ 4:34 pm  

We got about 3/4″ of rain.

Saturday, I made 20 more phone calls for a total of 94 this weekend.
Well played, sir.

Cleaned the aquarium. I change the water every two weeks.

My new shirts for the “Get Tribal” season arrived.

I think this will be fun with the teams, too!

We’re giving every team an EYE Pad. Hahaha.

K and I met up with Ashley and Penelope for lunch.

We had a super long wait at Chilis. Manager gave us 1/2 off and a free desert. Barely made up for it.

I got some faster flow nipples for Penelope’s bottle. They leak a lot in the bed. That’s the anti-zest.

Miles and Ashley had a fun night out on their 5th anniversary!

Kathy and I got to watch Penelope. Honestly, mainly me. Penelope wasn’t feeling well. I tried to keep her comfortable and happy, not always easy. She doesn’t want me out of her sight.

I got about six hours of sleep. Actually feel pretty good right now. At about 8:30am, she had just drunk some milk and stands up and then spits up all over the back of my head. That’s not zesty.

She’s such a little sweetheart, doesn’t matter what she does, just makes me love her more.

Watered my plants.

Jesse came over Sunday morning. We enjoyed our visit and went to Always Fresh for lunch.

Rainy day! Looks like we’ll get another 1/2″ hopefully more.

Admin duties now.

I’ll work on the Research List later.

Ashley came over this morning to get her baby girl.