Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Westside! Cleaning!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:26 pm  

Penelope was all dressed up for her train ride today! Would have liked to have gone on that one!

Groovy, baby!

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

Went to Westside BC this morning. I always enjoy that.
Pastor Ben preached on “Stretching yourself.”
All the kids got to grow, Grow, GROW!

Came home to do some work.
Cleaned hummingbird feeders.

I couldn’t see what was in the box. Print was too tiny.

Ironic, eh?
Vacuumed the house.

Completely cleaned it out. It’s air drying now.

Blew out the garage.

And the deck.

Then swept and Swiffered the kitchen and laundry area.

Took my knife and scraped off these heel marks.

Cleaned my whole area.

Also swept outside.

Cleaned off my zebra skin and all the rugs downstairs. There are seven.

Then Swiffered the downstairs. I really like that system. Wipe up dirt and throw it away.

Then I dry the floor with a towel. Too dangerous when it’s wet.

Rugs are the last thing to go down.

Took nearly two hours to clean the upstairs and downstairs.

Admin duties now.