Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Podcast! Awards! Mission! Bike! 9.5.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:19 pm  

This morning I read an article on how much exercise we need to be getting every week. I read 150 minutes which translates to 2.5 hours a week. That figure was verified for moderate exercise and only 1.25 hours a week of really strenuous exercise. Very interesting.

Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning. I finally made it through the conditional tense in Swahili. The hardest I’ve encountered so far, in particular because the English answers often sounded really weird.

I only have seven more categories to finish the first level of Swahili.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Improvement Movement.” It’s a good one!

Enjoyed lunch with my girls! They were fascinated by the chopsticks.

Even Ashley got into the game!

After lunch, we dropped off our Whirlwind Awards to restaurants and apartment complexes. The folks seemed to really like them!

Don’t see these very often.

After we’d delivered a bunch of them, we went to White Windmill for a treat. Sadly, they didn’t have any chocolate bread.

Then to the mission to work with the kids!

Everly enjoyed the straw that sounded like a whistle.

I liked her drawing.

Penelope didn’t like Wendy’s drawing of her.

Today the audio version of Story Tim is official released on Audible! Hallelujah! Soon it will be out on Amazon and iTunes. When that happens, I can official mark the project as “complete.”

Went for a 7.69 mile bike ride. I got through about 6 miles and I felt some sprinkles. The sky also looked menacing. Although the weather apps I have didn’t call for rain, I decided it was best to go with my gut reaction to what might happen.

I didn’t rain, but I got poured down on a few days ago when I didn’t listen to my intuition about it.

Admin duties now.