Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Westside! Cleaning! 7.21.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:42 pm  


Woke up and cleaned the hummingbird feeders.

Then brain training.


Still a little bit shocking to see this number.

Transported squirrel #84 on the way to church.

Went to Westside BC.

John Weldon spoke on defending the Faith.

I read an article about washing bed sheets. Made me get into action about it, since I do a terrible job of keeping them clean. Part of the problem is because my foam topper is getting worn out and makes a big mess. I vacuumed up all the fragments and flipped and turned the pad to optimize the best spot where I sleep.

Also vacuumed all the rugs in my room and then sprayed them down. They are still drying outside.

Then vacuumed the whole downstairs area where I live.

Cleaned the stairs.

Super nasty wet/dry vac.

Got rid of spiderwebs.

Then thoroughly cleaned the wet/dry vacuum. It did a good job today.

Drying out!

Cleaned off many of my treasures.

Watered my plants.

I have geological specimens decorating the plant area as well.

Last step was to Swiffer mop the floor.

You might say that all that cleaning blew my head off.

Also cleaned the fish tank.

Good talk with Jesse this evening about possible future plans.

Admin duties now.