Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pumpkin! Jon! Shoes! Azalea! 9.30.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:22 pm  

Never good.

Ordered more return labels.

I’m interested in watching this.

Slept pretty well.


I have one pair of back up shoes for Everly. I decided it was time to get her some new ones.

I injured some muscles in my right arm when I sawed that big log up. I’m still hurting from that. It’s better, but still. So I decided just to color the pumpkin rather than try and cut it all up, which was what caused my problem in the first place. It’ll last longer this way and Everly got to help me color it. She did a great job.


I had a fun lunch with my buddy, Jon Paul! Jesse and Everly also came to eat with us. When we finished, we set up another time to meet next month.

Warm day.

Love my girl!

She likes her new shoes!

After we picked Penelope up, as I knew would happen, I had to go get her a new pair as well. It’s only fair! Turned out to get the exact same kind. She tried on about four others but each had some type of problem.

Penelope did some beautiful art.

We worked on sight words together. She also wrote them down while we sounded them out.

Helped the kids at the mission.

Some of the little kids participate. They just practice drawing lines and trying to copy numbers.

The grandgirls have really enjoyed playing with one of the Bengali girls. Her name is Tasfia.

Harry on the way home.

I’ve been getting home after 8pm these days.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Copland! Newsletters! Azalea! 9.29.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:08 pm  


This was a great article about Aaron Copland on listening to music and the skills that involves.

How many raccoons do you see? Hint, there are SIX!


Love my girls!

Deposited checks! Amen.

I used a little dolly to move this old chair to the garbage. Fortunately, one of the kids down the street helped me toss into the dumper.


Everly loves playing with her dolls.

I took Jess to the doctor today. Everly and I sat in the car and did labels. She really did well!

I thought this was a cool looking label.

Went to Kroger across from the doctor’s office to pick up stamps.

After the doctor’s office, we went to Hot and Cold buffet. We were the first in line.

I was sorry to get this news. Wasn’t really surprised, however. They were anti-vax.

Gorgeous day, but it really warmed up.

Everly helped me stuff the envelopes with the newsletter. She’s my little partner for sure.

We met Penelope at the bus. I fixed her chicken, Mac and cheese and rice and Everly had beans and Spanish rice. They are good eaters.

Got all the newsletters folded and stuffed and took them to the Post Office to get into the mail stream.

Helped the kids at the mission. Man. It was a lot of work. It’s really hard to explain some subjects like long division and telling time, but incredibly satisfying when they finally start to get it.


Got a lot done. Tired.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nana’s Gifts! Azalea! Podcast! 9.28.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:17 pm  

Scary little critter. Some friends of mine were having a conversation about tapeworms and this popped up on my feed. Bizarre.

Yeah, baby!


I’m looking forward to this. Jon is such a great friend of mine.

The clouds this morning were breathtaking!

My girls!


My shadow.

My Mom sent Everly some birthday gifts. She went crazy over them!

My calendar continues to fill up.

I sewed up her Snow White dress that she tore.

Also repaired a small hole in the pants she was wearing. Little holes turn into BIG holes fast!

Every day, mas y mas.

She had a little bungee, at least that’s what I call them. The little pieces of skin that get torn from around your finger nails can really hurt if they get torn off.

My little partner. How I love her.

Took the girls to the Buford Highway Farmers Market for a late lunch. Everly and I had already eaten big at LT with Kathy.

Penelope and I are the messiest eaters I know. This was a big bite!

Helped the kids at the mission.


Got more sheet protectors coming. I’m working on a book project with a friend of mine.

Uploaded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Big Sister.”

How are we merging with our devices? Fascinating stuff.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Nana! Transcription! 9.27.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:32 pm  



Takes me a long time to go through that much paper. A couple of years! I’m sure I’ve given some to Ashley.


Mas y mas.

I found a hat that I prefer that is more like my old ones. I hung my newest Panama hat with its brothers. The brim was just a little too big for my liking.

Gorgeous day.

I spent my morning in Lawrenceville trying to track down a friend of mine. I had the wrong address. We’ll get together another time. It’s hard for us because we’re both so busy.

Went to Stone Mountain to chat with my Mom. Always a blessing. I was helping her trying to figure out some Zoom issues. That can be really hard.


Looking forward to giving some presents to the girls tomorrow.

Produced my newsletter.


I’ve been working on a project for Rick Beato. He’s my music teacher. I’m helping him transcribe and edit some of his videos into print form. It’s a big project and a lot of fun. I enjoy helping people with stuff I’m good at. He’s certainly helped me.

My arm has been bothering me these days, ever since I cut up that big log. It’s getting better but still painful. I’ve also been tired. I’m not feeling 100%. I think I have a slight cold. I’m getting better and trying to get extra sleep.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Podcast! Rick’s Package! Transcription! 9.26.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:07 pm  

I spent a couple of hours working on editing and posting a video of my Dad preaching from back in 1993 last night. Got it onto YouTube!

I woke up this morning thinking about this scene from NYC with my British buddies.

Love this poem.



I got my new hoodie in yesterday! I got a lot of good use out of the red one.

Español. I agree with this.

Another gorgeous day.

Recorded this morning. “I am Gasoline.”


Good chat with my buddy, Anthony.


I spent about four hours this afternoon transcribing a video of my music teacher Rick Beato.

I’m helping him write his autobiography. He’s made a series of videos and I plan on transcribing and putting them all in PDF form so he can sell them on his channel. It’s a labor of love for a person I really admire. If all goes well, I’ll get to meet him soon. Seeing that I rarely give up, it’s just a matter of time really.

I’m going to drop off a small package of things for him at his office tomorrow. I hope to get to meet him then, but I case he’s not there I wrote a letter to explain the things that are in it. Here are some of the objects.

The computers went down at Walmart this evening. I couldn’t pick up my groceries. I’ll get them tomorrow I reckon.

Gassed up the car.

Sent Rick Beato an email with the files I wrote this evening: the letter and the transcription.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Podcast! Everly’s Birthday Party! 9.25.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:50 pm  

Truly weird!


This is weird.

But not as weird as this.


Just in case you weren’t sure.

I love Mycellium.



I usually give myself a haircut about every two weeks. Clean shaven! Ready for the party.

Made the grocery order. I’ll pick that up tomorrow.

Just keep going.

Absolutely gorgeous. I call it “Nakuru weather.” It’s like this pretty much every day of the year in Nakuru, Kenya.

Went to Stone Mountain to write my newsletter. I use the “talk to text” ability on my iPhone to do it. Then edit it and send it to myself via email to my computer. I import it to my Pages app to add graphics and print it for photocopying later at the church. This is about one quarter of what I wrote. I’ll post the whole article on my blog tomorrow.

Mas Harry.

I picked up the ice cream cake for Everly’s party and went to the Kendall grandparent’s house to see the kids.

Miles got the girls this cool slide. His sister Roxy and her daughter Addi also came. She shares the same name with me, Addison. The kids had a blast. I tried it too. Once.

She loved opening her presents! I had a big bag for Penelope. Sadly, the shoes I got for Ashley were too small. I wrapped a ton of presents. The other grandparents and family had really big ones for her, but she seemed to like the stuff I got her as well.


We all had a great time watching her delight.

She got way more stuff than she could carry!

I was glad Penelope had a good time.

HUGE pile of stuff.

I got everyone in Everly’s family a little pumpkin.

Love me some Penelope!

It was Miles’ birthday today! I got him an Amazon gift card.

After the presents, we went outside to eat ice cream cake with the girls. Nothing beats Dairy Queen Oreo Ice Cream cake IMHO.

Nana’s present will be a welcome addition to the party on Tuesday!

I uploaded the edition of Verbal Surgery I recorded to my MacBook Air.

I’m working on editing and uploading the video of my Dad’s mission sermon from 1993 to YouTube. I decided to edit everything except for Dad’s sermon. Does anyone really care to watch the choir? I think not. Even with just the sermon, at 34:06 it still takes a while to process!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Covid! Party Prep! 9.24.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:46 pm  



I’ll be in line.

These t-shirts were fun.

End the madness.

Just in case you wondered. I’m a big tofu guy. Soy beans ftw.

I’m due for a new hoody. I’ve used my old red one for over five years. These are the best. I hope the quality is as good as it was.


Cool cat with big brain.

So true.

Funny. And also true.

Just. Keep. Going.

OYB! This had a special meaning for me this morning because of the Covid scare our family was experiencing.

Just a little more each day.

It’s the little words that get you.

I let people know what was going one. Bill and Piper are on our board.

We got the results in this morning. My heart was pumping when I read the news.

NEGATIVE! The last time I took this test I wasn’t so lucky. I took two tests. BOTH came in negative.

Kathy’s results were tied to mine, but my results came in for both names. I had to go back to the testing clinic to get it sorted out.

Went to Goodwill to do some shopping for Everly’s birthday party tomorrow. I saw this guy there. It kilt me.

I got a new hat. I like it! It’s not a true Ecuadorian fedora, but it’s still groovy. I’ll start really looking for them at every Goodwill I go to now.

Ate some Mexican food to celebrate the lack of Covid, then to the Dollar Tree to look for supplies for the party. Everly wanted unicorn stuff.

I got Everly a variety of stuff. At her age, she’s into a LOT of stuff rather than just one big thing. I’ll leave the big stuff to others. I also got Penelope tons of stuff too. While at Goodwill I got Everly a little pink scooter I think she’ll like.

I spent probably an hour wrapping every single thing. That’s what they love to do, unwrap stuff. I also got balloons. I’ll pick up the ice cream cake tomorrow.

I rested most of the afternoon. I may not have covid, but I’m still not feeling my normal tiger tank self. Been sneezing a lot and tired. Slept an hour at least. I’ll probably go to bed early as well.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Now Time.” So good.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Everly! Covid Scare! 9.23.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:30 pm  


OYB! I learned all of Isaiah 40 in 2005. I still quote it every day.

Beautiful Full Sun Moon.

Deposited checks.

My little miniature rose bush seems happy.

Cleaned and refilled my four hummingbird feeders. I keep expecting them to head south any day now.

Their have been hummingbirds tagged from our area that have been seen as far south as Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

Swept off the rug outside my door.

This little cherry blossom tree I planted a couple of years ago just suddenly died. It made me sad to look at it so I decided to dig it up and put it in the recycle area. Not sure why they suddenly die. Made me sad.

Everly and I went out for Chinese food at Hot and Cold. She loves oranges.

On the way back to Chamblee, I got an email from the church secretary of the team that came to work with us last Saturday. Turns out that their youth director has covid. That’s not good. I was especially upset because I specifically asked about vaccinations and he assured me they were protected. Turns out he wasn’t and exposed Kathy and me. We were outside and the team wore masks around the kids, so I reckon we are all ok, but still not zesty.

I took Everly to immediately go get the Covid test. We should find out that everything is OK (I HOPE!)in 24 to 48 hours.

Even though Everly was scared she still did well.

I let all the family know what is going on. Ashley came straight home and then I went home so Kathy could get tested. I took the test again because the results will come back in 24 hours at the place near our house.


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Everly! J! Rob! Penelope rides bus! Azalea! 9.22.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:29 pm  


We had Jesse with us this morning!

J went to get some blood work done.

Everly and I enjoyed looking at the mums and pumpkins.

We ate at Waffle House and then went to Petco to look at the fish and other pets.

Everly and I had a fun lunch with my good friend Rob Martin. We used to work really closely together hosting teams for years. He’s in a new position now and seems to be enjoying it and doing a great job. I was really glad for him.

It was a big day for our family since it was the first day for Penelope to ride the bus! Everly and I waited for her here.

We could see the bus coming from a long way away.

Helped the kids at the mission. Penelope did some exceptional work with math.

Everly liked playing with her dolls in the puddle.

I had a new student this afternoon who wants to learn English.

I’m working with the kids on their multiplication tables.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Everly! VHS! UPS! Rat! Azalea! 9.21.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:15 pm  

A friend of mine got a skull at Good Will. I sent her this diagram since I think it’s from a bob cat.


Love this.

Went to the UPS store this morning to drop off the charger for my old Mac to send it back to Amazon for a refund. I didn’t charge it. Jesse had one that would, so that was good news.

I’m in a conversation with a dear friend of mine about vaccinations. I went at the discussion in a different manner than he normally hears it. Still not sure if he gets the point.

I don’t often get this. In the last couple of weeks I’ve done it three times.



Work week starts early.

Another rainy, cloudy day. Started breaking up in the late afternoon.

Cada dia.

Gassed up the Mercury and checked levels. Turned out I needed to add some oil which I did. Then filled up my quart bottle with by big oil jug.

I love the oil/water diffraction patterns.

I got Disney+ on the Roku. Everly was delighted to be able to watch Frozen and Frozen II again.

We are working on finding a back up plan if something goes wrong with the car or with my health in the foreseeable future. First part was to get Penelope into the bus rider mentality. I had a detailed discussion with the rest of the family about it.

I picked up Penelope this afternoon and had a talk with her teacher Ms. Lehner about all the ins and outs of going on the bus. Where she will get it, who she’ll go with, everything I could think of to help Penelope be absolutely confident about doing it.

I saw this little mushroom poke it’s head through all the sealer I put on the tree.

I got all the garbage cans and the old dryer to the street this morning. Everything was heavy.

Rained just over 1″ yesterday.

Kathy heard a rodent scurrying around yesterday. I cleaned and baited three traps, two downstairs and one upstairs to catch them. Just a matter of time now. I always get them.

Took some hide a keys to Ash and Miles and one of the kids at the mission who now has a baby and a truck.

Swept. I need to vacuum as well. Haven’t had the chance yet.

My shoes got muddy hauling stuff to the curb. Scrubbed them.

Picked up the digitized version of my dad Al Cummins preaching his mission sermon. I’ll get that on the web tomorrow. It’s from 1993.

My last day to pick up Penelope as a car rider. Overall, that process took way more time than I anticipated. You either got there thirty minutes early to pick her up on time or had to wait for about fifty cars to get her later. I was in that line for at least two hours a week. I think it’ll be a lot better for Penelope to ride the bus. She’ll be home faster than I could get her if she rode the car, plus it’ll be fun!

I took P for a happy meal. We got this one. Cap’n JAQ is what I call my buddy Anthony Jacquin. A riff on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I love her so much.

Helped the kids at the mission with their homework.


Mas Harry.

Picked up the mail and watered my ficus.

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