Whirlwind Missions

Monday, February 19, 2024

Walk! Grandgirls! K! 2.19.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:26 pm  

Glad to hear this.

Worked hard this week. Terrific competition.

Some thoughts on AI with Eric Barker.



Making plans to meet up with people and teach a class on evening.

Hiked 1.31 miles.

Joined a mission group with Georgia Baptists to mobilize more teams.

K and I took the grandgirls to Evergreen Hotel at Stone Mountain Park. Unfortunately, the pool was out of order. We played some games around the lake instead.

Then off to Metro for lunch. Miles came and picked them up from the restaurant after we ate.

I’ve been glad K has been walking and feeling better. Amen.

What a great family!

I’ve had messages from some of my partners today. Plus members of the board saying how much they appreciated all the work the Ashley has done for Whirlwind Missions over the year. Sadly, we can’t keep her on our payroll. The funds just aren’t there. Hopefully, there will be enough for me to keep going. Tough.

Not only am I sad about Ashley, but I’m sore from my fall yesterday at the Doggie Park. Could’ve been a lot worse. I also noticed in my One Year Bible this morning that it’s been 16 years ago today since Jessi had her psychotic break which caused her to set the house on fire and me to the hospital trying to put it out. Certainly not the best day!

Just keep going. In life and in Español.