Whirlwind Missions

Monday, April 2, 2018

Podcast! Yard!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:18 pm  

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery! Always fun!

Took the Financial Report to my Treasurer’s house.

Did the grocery shopping.

Can you hear me now?

Had fun with Penelope for about an hour. Always a blessing!

I took her to the park. We have THREE within two miles of my house. What a blessing.

Took my plants outside. Only the bigger ones. The little ones I’m not taking outside any more.

I cut this stump out. I kept crashing into it with my lawnmower. Rack city.

This vine had taken over several of the azalea bushes. Got most of it out by the roots.

The azaleas in the north part of my yard look a lot better, too. I trimmed out all the little shrubs trying to take over the area.

Mighty hard to push.

I worked on eliminating all the vines and any dead wood out of the azaleas. Mucho trabajo!

Add more bush to the pit. It’s astonishing how fast these things break down.

Hardest job by far was mulching the leaves. I ran out of gas. I’ll have to finish tomorrow.

Then I’ll have to start on the back yard. Looks challenging.

I am astonished how hard I can push that lawnmower. All that lifting weights in the morning has really made a difference. And the biking! My legs just don’t really get tired.
I hauled a lot of bush with stickers.

Productive and sweaty day.

Also blew the driveway and part of the street.

Mulching those leaves makes a huge difference.

Cleaned and filled the bird baths.

In all, I worked out over three hours.

Admin duties now.
I’ll work on Story Tim. I shoot for five chapters a day.