Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Podcast! Cleaning! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:27 pm  

Studied Swahili and Spanish this morning. Duolingo has started a new “crown” system that means each level has multiple advanced exercises.

Recorded “Fake Rake” this morning.

I love being in the mobile studio so I can see this view.

Do you see the bird’s nest? It’s actually INSIDE this bush!

English Ivy takes over trees.

Captured squirrels #19 and #20 today. When I took this picture there were three eating the bird seed.

Right before capture.

I take them about five miles from my house and release them in the forest.

Got my new cart today. Pretty excited about it. Still have to put it together. I could have really used it this evening.

Swept and mopped all the non carpeted areas. Kitchen/Laundry room and Bathrooms.

I follow up by drying it with a towel. Otherwise it’s slick as ice.

I attacked the West Corridor this evening. My goal was to get all the clothes out and the computer monitor.

I established a work station to process all the clothes.

Went to the church to check on the mail.

To the mission! The girls were doing some exercising!

Penelope and I had fun playing with the rocks and woodchips. The kids don’t have homework because of the Milestone testing.

I liked Ashley’s chalk drawings.

Came back home to work on that corridor.

I had tons of clothes back there.
I definitely made progress!

All those hangars had a shirt.

I bagged all of the shirts up and took them to our local clothes closet.

Admin duties now.