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Monday, September 21, 2020

Insurance! Bike! Plants! 9.21.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:56 pm  

Beautiful, cool day.

Studied Spanish and did my brain training.

Had a great talk with my Mom.

This was the day for me to figure out the insurance adjustment for my roof.

I got in touch with my adjuster early in the morning.

Then contacted my mortgage people.

Had to set up an account to cosign the check from Nationwide to cover the majority of the expense for my new roof.

Then sent the check to my mortgage company to counter sign and send back to me. Went to the UPS store to get it overnight delivered to them.

Had a conversation with Justin who is my adjuster to explain to me some of the intricacies of the insurance business in particular “depreciation.”

I got a confirmation that the package was on its way and that the account I set up was accurate and working.

Contacted Pastor Bill Kelly who is also my main contractor. He’ll be coordinating the work on my roof. Gave him a heads up about the status of the insurance money and what exactly I wanted to have done.

I watered my plants and enjoyed looking at them.

I went for 11.92 mile bike ride. I’m still getting used to riding in the cooler weather. Can’t say I like it. I prefer it hot with a nice bike breeze.

I’ve been reading about iOS 14. Went ahead and installed that on my iPhone phone this evening. I’m learning about it now.

I watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix tonight. Highly recommend. An amazing documentary.

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