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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Editing! Calls! Newsletter! 9.27.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:28 pm  

Last night, I edited the video that I shot for my team yesterday. I sent them the thank you email that included links to that video on YouTube as well as the pictures that I shot.

Studied Spanish and did my brain training this morning.

I did some research on how best to clean my Mac air. Used a lint free, slightly damp cloth. Gave it a good scrubbing.

Changed the air filter in my air conditioning unit.

I had a good talk with my Mom. It’s always fun to connect with her.

Also got to talk my buddy Anthony in the UK.

Listened To Harry Potter in Spanish.

I produced my newsletter and printed it out.

Printed all the labels and all the envelopes ready to go. I still need to get stamps for them. That’s a tomorrow job.

I have one of our supporters that wants to give me some old coins and split the profits with her. I looked up a friend of mine who has a coin shop in Augusta. He usually comes to a coin show in Marietta once a month. It’ll be easier for me to wait for him to come to that.

Productive day.

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