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Friday, September 4, 2020

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! Mission! 9.3-4.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:02 pm  

Thursday, it was a beautiful full sun moon.

Enjoyed seeing Ashley!

And working with the grand girls.

We cooked chocolate chip cookies.

They’ve really been working hard on their studies.

We took the cookies up to Stone Mountain for our hike.

We put some pennies out to get squished by the train. Those are cool.

We’re enjoying our little place on the mountain. It’s our own campsite.

I got some sidewalk chalk today. I’m looking forward to them coloring that big rock.

It’s yellow daisy season. I enjoy taking pictures of them in those flowers.

Saw a wild caterpillar when I was out there with them.

Continue to do my Spanish study.

Enjoyed listening to Miles jam.

Helped the kids with their homework.

Went by my office to check the mail.

Continue to listen to Harry Potter in Spanish.

Put gas in the car Friday.

Deposited some checks.

Everly helped me put oil in the car.

Did more study in our little school.

Kathy went with us today to Stone Mountain.

We enjoyed feeding the geese.

The girls had fun playing in the sand.

They are so beautiful.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery today called “Footprints and Friction.” Excellent.

Also studied and did my brain training.

It’s been great to see people take me up on my free offer to read my book.

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