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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Grandgirls! Doggie Park! Azalea! 9.22.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:21 pm  

I am memorizing a piece by the Persian poet Rumi. Many times I will break the piece down into a codeword per line and then memorize those letters in forms of words. It’s a fast way to trigger and memorize big chunks of text.

Enjoyed being with the grand girls and meeting with Ashley this morning.

Had a good time at the park with the girls and with Kathy today.

Penelope draws Pop Pop!

Like the thumbs up and the toothy grin!


I’ve been teaching the grandgirls a song I created to learn the days of the week. Today, Penelope sang it by heart. That was very exciting. I’ve developed songs for her address and for her mother’s phone number as well as the days of the week. It really has been astonishing how fast they can memorize things if it’s in the form of music.

She’s also understanding the patterns of counting now. So that’s great.

I ordered Everly’s birthday present today. She wants a camera. Of course it has to be pink!

Went to Azalea to help the kids at the mission. It’s pretty much nonstop trying to help four or five kids at the same time for two hours. It’s very tiring, especially when I have to explain a lot of stuff in Spanish. Takes a lot of mental processing to do that.

Hard to memorize names sometimes.

I liked this sculpture. Of course her little sister demolished it moments later.

The little rocks in front were supposed to be a safety fence to protect it. Yeah, right.

Went by my office to check on the mail.

I’ve been astonished since the pandemic how the traffic in Atlanta has been reduced by about half. It normally would take me at least 45 minutes to get home from work. I can almost always do that in less than 25 minutes now. It really is incredible.

Listened to Harry Potter in Spanish on my way home.

Studied Spanish. It’s hard at more advanced levels, but it pays off!

I injured my right hand about 15 months ago. I tore muscles in my forearm, bicep, shoulder and back related to my hand. I’ve been very aggressive about my physical therapy. It’s been the most debilitating injury I’ve ever had. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been able to type using my little finger. It’s incredible the sense of pride I have to see where I am now compared to where I was. Thank you, Jesus.

Beautiful clouds today.

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