Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Grandgirls! Goodwill! Mission! 11.11.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:36 pm  

Picked up the grandgirls at Global Mall. Always great to see Ashley!

We went straight to the Perimeter Mall Goodwill area. Picked up breakfast at McD and ate in front of some stores that had tables set up.

We spent about two hours looking through all the children’s clothes to find warm, long pants the girls could wear. They have about the same waist size, but Penelope is several inches taller. The Goodwill by Perimeter Mall is the best in the ATL as far as I’m concerned.

I bought nearly $100 worth of clothes.

We got a tremendous haul. We were all very happy. I let them buy some toys and also came home with a new little Huffy bike, for only $7!

Came home and cut all the tags off. Then washed and folded everything. Set it on hot to kill germs.

The girls enjoyed playing with their new toys.

Heard from the mortgage man. Looks like we’re better off hanging in with what we refinanced five years ago.

Had a talk with FBC Atlanta about some washer/dryer machines.

While I was flossing my teeth this morning, one of my crowns came loose. Kind of freaked me out. Immediately called my dentist and set up a time to come in tomorrow morning. Hopefully, all he’ll have to do is clean it up and reglue it.

Also heard from my tax guy. He said I was better off to try and pay off my house asap.

Drizzly weather.

Spent time brushing the girl’s hair.

Went back to Azalea and put Everly to sleep.

I spent about an hour working with Penelope and her new little bike. It’s tiny so she can put her feet down easily. It doesn’t have any training wheels.

Penelope did some workbook time. Not much. She wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. Neither were the other mission kids!

Listened to Harry Potter in Spanish on the way home. Still need to do my Duolingo work before the night is up.

I took a ride around Stone Mountain this evening. I’ve never seen the Christmas tree on Stone Mountain with clouds beneath it. Beautiful.