Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Grandgirls! Skyrail! Village Lights! 11.24.20 & Chores 11.25.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:35 pm  

The grandgirls spent the night Tuesday. Didn’t get a chance to write the blog last night.

I took pictures of painted portions of my house to try and match the color.

Had a great night’s sleep on Monday. Tuesday wasn’t too bad.

Beautiful weather.

Picked up the grandgirls at Global Mall on Tuesday morning.

I thought this was interesting. I used to hunt deer on a ranch near theirs.


Tuesday was a great day for us. We started by going to Stone Mountain to ride the Sky Rail. This was a big deal because for years Penelope said that she wouldn’t ride it because she was “scared of heights.”

We had a party! Penelope turns five this Friday, so we’ve been doing extra fun stuff. Our snack was ice cream sandwiches, soft pretzel and popcorn. So good.

The grandgirls had a fantastic time climbing small trees at the top of Stone Mountain. It really was fabulous.

I found these little nodules on the rock interesting. They were minerals of slightly different density than the surrounding granite. Perspective was interesting to me with this shots.

The Membership pass!

We ate pizza, read books and took a nap.

Studied Spanish.

That evening we went back to Stone Mountain to ride the train, go through a Light Spectacle and see the dinosaurs!

The light spectacle even had snow!

The dinosaurs under black light were cool.

Wednesday morning our drier stopped working. I took it to an appliance dealer. I was anticipating buying another but they fixed mine instead.

This little switch had broken off.

One of my jobs is to brush the girl’s hair. Here’s Penelope’s before and after.

They don’t seem to mind the “horse brush.” I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to get the tangles out.

Finished, at least for today. I’ve got hair conditioner coming to rub into it.

Here’s Everly’s.

It takes a lot of time.
Fixed some trim on my outside glass door.

Moved these packs of shingles to my back yard. They were super heavy.

Once I got the drier repaired and back in place, I went ahead and gave it a quick shot of white paint. Looks way better.

Blew the leaves off the deck and the driveway.

Then vacuumed the house. It was super hard.

Took the girls back to Azalea. We barely got inside before it started down pouring!

Big storm!

Still working on this stuff.

Studied Spanish.

Checked the mail at the office.

Sewed the collar of my shirt.

Productive day.