Whirlwind Missions

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year! Podcast! Calls! Newsletter! 1.1.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 3:38 pm  

I must be getting old. I went to sleep at 9:30pm. Set my alarm for 11:55pm. Woke up to the alarm, saw it turn to midnight, and promptly went back to sleep. I was glad that NYC didn’t have a huge super spreader crowd.

Studied Spanish.

Did my brain training. Did great.

Here’s more information on that discipline.

Released the first episode of Verbal Surgery in 2021! Edition -818- “The Best of the Story.”


Got stamps at the Post Office and mailed a letter to a friend in Montana. I only use the self-service machine.

Went to Stone Mountain to make calls.

Had a great talk with my buddy Caruso in Italy.

Caught up with my Mom.

Wrote my newsletter for this month.

Came home to start working on labels and production of the letter.