Whirlwind Missions

Monday, January 18, 2021

Podcast! Car! 1.18.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:14 pm  

Read an article this morning and wasn’t sure of the meaning.

Studied Spanish. I’m going back to studying every lesson. There is a lot of vocabulary I need to work with more extensively. I usually can test out of the five lessons, but it’s not really benefiting me to do that.

Brain training. Did well today. Very focused.

Spot the Station!

I went by the library to drop off books. We’ll get new ones soon.

I went to my sister-in-law’s house to drive Jesse’s car. Fired straight up and ran great.

Also helped put some lightbulbs in around Ann’s house.

Also working on getting her garage door openers fixed.

While I was driving Jesse’s car, I stopped at Advance Auto Parts to pick up some Penzoil 5/30 and a convex mirror.

Kathy knocked Jesse’s mirror off one time when she was backing up. I put it back together with tape, but over time it doesn’t work very well. With that mirror, I can now see the blindspot.

A friend of mine needed to do some recording in her car and around the house. I helped her get a bendable tripod and a holder for her phone. I have absolutely loved this tripod.

Ann gave me a few of the old iPhones she had laying around. J and I are going to try and get them going. I’m specifically thinking about Everly. Get a really heavy duty OtterBox case to protect it. She can play some learning games on it.

Cleaned and refilled birdbaths and feeders.

Spent time with Jesse on the old iPhones. Also looked at some unemployment money paper work. This covid stuff has really hit businesses hard.