Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Everly! PCBC! Azalea! Podcast! 10.13.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:48 pm  



Ashley’s team at the eye clinic are learning new software. This reminded me of that.


Living in the clouds.


I saw this on my way to Global Mall this morning.

This coincides with the report I read of jobs quit.

Lots of movies being shot in our area.

Deposited checks.

I got some bananas on the way home. Made some banana smoothies. Made extra for Kathy to enjoy. Better than eating junk food!

Everly and I ate at Waffle House. It was her choice.

I’ll be speaking to the children and youth at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church this coming Sunday. It’s the first weekend of their mission month.

Keep learning!

Pastor Jay Hackett of PCBC came to hang out with me today. I took them to Plaza Fiesta for lunch and Safari.

Patrick is their Communications guy.

And of course my little partner. What a blessing she is!

Helped the kids at the mission.

You have to have a wide breadth of knowledge to help all these kids.

Even the little kids get in on the act.

WD40 is the best way to clean the Dry Erase boards.

Turned out to be a beautiful day.


Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “I Am Gasoline.” POW!