Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Everly! K’s Doctor! Azalea! 10.19.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:02 pm  

I find this marvelous.

Our power went out about 2:30 this morning for about an hour and a half. I always call Walton to let them know.



New work week starts with my sweet little partner!

My back still hurts, but I’m healing rapidly and completely.

Another beautiful day.

Spent about twenty minutes working on Everly’s hair. Every time I take a picture and she always says, “I love it.”

I took Kathy to her lung doctor today. I need to go because she doesn’t even know what questions she needs to ask. Her CPAP machine had a recall, BUT we didn’t use the cleaning machine that caused the problem with the machine, so the doctor felt we could keep using it safely, which is exactly what I thought. BUT, I’m not a doctor and I like to get a professional’s estimation of the situation!

After the appointment, we picked up Everly and went to Metro Cafe. We enjoyed our meal and had a great Reese’s Pieces cheesecake. Her sweet little lips and a chocolate ring around them. She liked it off just before I took the picture. So cute.

I’m not sure I wanted to see this.


Mas cada dia.

Helped the kids at the mission.

Gorgeous clouds.

Went by my office to check the mail.

So beautiful.