Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Deep Spring! D-Day! Plaza Fiesta! Azalea! 6.9.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:36 pm  

The Republicans are just wrong about guns.

I had a lot of mic problems this week. It really drove me crazy. Decided to spend a little more money and get something decent. I wanted to keep it under $200.

I like this a lot. Seth Godin is one of my heroes.



Love my girls!

We went to Keswick Park, but it was too wet to play. Went to FBC Dorville Park instead.

We had our Dedication Day today! Gave the Hinkles the Golden Egg of Excellence!

It’s up to me!

Penelope participated in the whole week so she got to sign the Landing Pad!

Everly was pooped.

The girls sang us a song.

We ate at Plaza Fiesta then checked it out.

I always find the Botanicas interesting.

Ice cream cone!


I’m a big Frida Kahlo fan.

They did a great job at the mission!

They were a wonderful team! I’m so glad they came.


Everly loved making a crown. She especially liked telling people, “Bow before me.”

Sewed a button on my shirt and repaired a hole. Had a lot of little repairs this week.

I rarely unbutton my shirts completely. I just do the first couple and slip it over my head like a t-shirt. Faster.

I was super tired this week. I get up really early. Drive in super intense traffic. Give 100% during the show, which I now do by myself, then led teams for lunch and a Safari. Really takes it out of me. But a good tired.