Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Immanuel! Asian Square! China Town! Car! 6.22.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:52 pm  


Another red hot day.

Picked my girls up at their house.

They have fun with their shadows.

Had a good lunch at Pho 24.

Went on Safari to China Town and Asian Square.

To the missions! I didn’t get to visit them much because I helped take medicine to one of the kids that wasn’t feeling well.

I took the bus driver around in my car to show her the routes. My car started to smell like gas again. It gave Penelope and I headaches and I started feeling dizzy. Terrible. Dropped the girls off at home with their Dad and went straight back to my mechanics to look at it again.

I was feeling pretty bad so decided to walk to get more fresh air.

Kathy picked me up and we went back to my car to get the car seats, my computer and other essentials for tomorrow.

Then we went to K’s sister’s house to borrow her car. She currently has a doughnut as one of the front tires. I’ll take it into Chamblee tomorrow morning and get that fixed. That way I’ll have some transportation and so will Kathy. I just have to get up early so I can drive the maximum of 50 mph on that tire.

Sent the measurements of the tire to my tire guy.

Gassed up her car and checked the levels before I drive it into town tomorrow morning.

It’s a nice Nissan.

Got all the girl’s seats in the car and my stuff in. Cleaned it out. Put her documents in the trunk for safety.

I still don’t feel well. Those fumes are really toxic.