Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Grandgirls! Skating! Podcast! 6.28.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:26 pm  



Went to the church to turn in my newsletter to be printed. Let the girls enjoy skating in the fellowship hall. They had fun. Everly always wants to be the best and it’s hard on her when she can barely stand up.

I walked her around the room around twenty times.

She helped me vacuum my office.

Had class with the girls. We worked on sight-reading words and reading Green Eggs and Ham. She’s doing really well. Just takes practice.

Everly practicing her name.

Penelope working on her numbers.

Got in touch with my friend Jon Paul about getting together this week. He’s always a blessing to me. He just got remarried recently!

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery “Pre-Test.” One of my best!