Whirlwind Missions

Monday, June 13, 2022

Rose! Hummingbird! Podcast! Crown! 6.13.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:45 pm  

One of my favorite animals: the Blue Morpho butterfly.

The January 6th committee keeps coming out with more damning evidence.

I have really enjoyed watching this!

Had a good conversation with Nathan about bringing a group of seniors on Safari.

We’ll be talking about Hinduism and visiting the BAPS temple. Probably eating at the restaurant on their campus. They have white people food as well.

Worked hard on Spanish last week.



I worked on my wisteria plants today. Moved one of the vines off of the fence and tied it to the pine tree. Also got rid of another prickly vine.

Watered my indoor plants.

I kept one of my tea rose bushes inside. It wasn’t doing well. Decided to move it outside. Dug a hole and prepped it with potting soil. I think it’ll do a lot better.


Cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. It’s been good to see my little friends again.

I helped my sister-in-law with her phone yesterday. It was missing a screen protector and a case. I’ll get the new screen protector on it soon.

Paid bills, including getting my car taxes in.

Transported a squirrel to Stone Mountain.

Recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Pre-Test.” Very good.

Went to my dentist today. Unfortunately, he couldn’t put the crown back on. The gums were still too swollen. I’m supposed to come back in two months.

Hot day.

Got gas. Always a sticker shock. Added some oil.

Lots of utility work in my area. They keep digging up the roads to work on pipes.

Mas Español.