Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Grandgirls! Goblin Park! Newsletters! 6.1.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:14 pm  

I thought this was a terrific movie.

Processed a check and added it to Drive. I’ll deposit it tomorrow morning after picking up the girls.

They finally figured out the problem with Kathy’s car windows. Turned out to be shorted wires. It was hard to find the problem. Ended up costing $500.


New word for me.


Ashley and Miles got some new recliners from the Kendalls. Groovy!

Took the grandgirls to Keswick Park in Chamlbee this morning. It was delightful. Lots of shade which is really rare for parks. The only other one with that much shade is in Stone Mountain Park.

I liked seeing these.

Penelope’s slurpy.

While I worked on stuffing and stamping the newsletters, the girls played in my office and did art for me. We worked on the project at my office.

We stopped at the Post Office to get the letters in the mail.

We ate at the German Bakery for lunch. It was really good. I noticed this picture of Clint Eastwood on the wall! He turned 92 yesterday!

I delayed my appointment to get my crown replaced for another ten days. My gums are still pretty swollen. I didn’t think it would work tomorrow.

I work on Spanish throughout the day whenever I have a break. Better than just scrolling social media.

Penelope and I worked on her sight words. Always good to keep practicing!


I was glad he won this. I didn’t like Amber.

I forgot what this meant.

Talked to my bike guys about my flat tire and replacing my front tire which has dry rot. The new tire should be in next week.

Working on changing our trip to Texas to late June and early July. There was a team coming on one of the days for our previous plans. Costs more to go in July. About $644 extra in total for the four of us going. Southwest doesn’t have any fee to change plans, just costs more then.