Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Schedule! Grandgirls! Anthony! YRWS! 6.30.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:03 pm  

The family worked on figuring out the details for dropping the grandgirls, Jessi and I off and picking us up from the airport. Looks like Miles is going to be the man! Cheers, mate!



Love my girls! Everly was in the car.

I had a great talk with my buddy Anthony today. We’ve been so busy it’s not easy to keep in contact, but it’s a priority for me.

The grandgirls love their Grandmomo. Me too.

Took them over to the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary.

They love feeding the rabbits the best. I love the Ring-Tailed Lemurs and Raccoons.

I may have to reevaluate taking them all the way around the park. Just go to the bunnies and lemurs and come back would be better for them. Especially when it’s hot. Everly wore this super fancy dress that was not at all right for what we did. Usually, I have a lot of clothes for them to change into, but they are in my “store” in the back of my car which is in the shop.

Went to Ann’s house to look for her wallet and clean up some more. We never did find that thing. I was surprised. I was sure it was in the couch where she lays.