Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:54 am  

It’s been a weather weekend! Snow! Although I doesn’t seem much like flakes, more like clumps of snow. Still cool–literally!

We’ve been working on getting the Love Banquet for Whirlwind together. Ashley’s been working super hard on getting the invitations together. The kids at the mission will help me put the rest of the mail out ready.

K and I had a nice walk last night enjoying the snow in the neighborhood. We did about 1.5 miles.

Jesse, Ashley and I went over to the Post Office in Lawrenceville to apply for their updated passports. In a month or so all four of us should be ready for international travel. Now, where will we go?

Did you know that even if we go to Mexico and Canada we have to have a passport to get back into the country? That’s changed as of January 1st.

I’m always trying to learn new skills. This weekend I’ve focused on Origami–the ancient Japanese art of folding paper. It’s been fun. Sort of like working a 3D puzzle.

It’s 20 degrees outside right now. Kathy’s out in it. I’m sitting here typing with the heater between me and the laptop. I thaw out my hands every minute or so.

I was pleased to see that Ron Paul got 2nd in Nevada. Google Ron Paul.