Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:50 pm  

I’ve been working diligently on our banquet that we’ll have on February 16th.  Today I bought stamps for the envelopes.  Went over to Azalea later today.  The kids always get a kick out of helping me with the labels.  I buy them doughnuts as a reward.

Had a great meeting with Gary Hall this morning.  He and his wife Suzanne recently moved to Duluth from Miami. He was working with the Haitian community there.  I hope that they’ll plug in with us here.  We ate lunch at Torreros and then went to visit the Hamptons at Lenox, one of the locations where they could live and work.

Went through all my phone calls.  Good discussions.  I bet I talked over three hours.  I tried to listen more than I talked.  That’s hard for me.

I’m working on an origami project.  I’ve been fascinated by that art, but never took the time to learn the skill.  It’s been fun to learn something new.  I bought some special Japanese paper so I can make butterflies and send them as a special “Thank You.”

37 degrees outside.  Brrrr.