Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:55 pm  

I’ve missed you guys on the blog!  So much going on.

I met with Dr. Mel Colon this morning.  We worked on developing a strategy for offering low cost healthcare for those with no insurance.  He’s established a great clinic to help with our immigrant population.  I’ll go out next week with some of his staff to set up some events in the businesses around the area.

This afternoon I traveled to Roswell to meet with Kevin Sanderson, one of my favorite partners.  He’s a great guy and just recently got married.  We  went to Park Ridge apartments to set up some regular outreach with his church.  One of their leasing agents was actually louder than me!  She really seemed interested in our work and looked eager to help.

Then to St. Joseph’s hospital to visit with my good friend Bob Speer.  He was hospitalized on Monday.  I just heard about it this morning.  He’s having liver problems.  He seems to be doing better and looks pretty good.  I was glad about that.

Helped Ailen and Famedha with their homework.  We don’t have many kids coming for homework help.  So mainly I just hang out and visit with them.  One of my favorite kids, Chris, got suspended from school for 12 days for blackmail.  He saw another kid steal a PSP game system and told him he’d tell the teacher unless he gave him money.  I thought 12 days was harsh for that.

Been working on admin stuff at my house.  I still need to do a report for FBC Conyers and my financial report for my treasurer.

Tomorrow I go out of town for a few days with Kathy.  I really need the time to recharge and spend time with my wife.


Just finished up the newsletters.  I really needed to get them out because of the invitations.  That’s been taking a lot of time.

Was in Lawrenceville on Monday with my partners from Sweetwater Church.  We enjoyed planning for future ministry and visiting residents at Greens at Hillcrest.