Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:13 pm  

Thursday! Ashley day! And Jesse came today too! What a blessing. Jesse came to practice driving around Atlanta. He did a great job in a difficult (putting it mildly) driving area.

We went to Lowe’s first to pick up three more boxes of tiles for Bill Hickey. He’s working on the outside lobby and the bathroom of our church secretary now.

We had a pre-site visit with Kevin Wilson from W. Georgia today. He’ll bring the kids from Ephesus Baptist Church to work with us in April for his kid’s spring break. We ate at Vikyhat Indian food, visited the shopping areas around the International Village and went by several of the missions where the team will be serving.indian1

We also went by N. Peachtree BC to see the facilities where they might stay and also to see Pastor Tony Romans. Jesse will probably help them revamp their web site.

I just finished going through my email and catching up on phone calls. In a few minutes we’ll go over to Azalea to check on the kids.

When I picked up the tiles (which are about 30 pounds a box) I dropped one of them on the tips of the fingers on my right hand. Talk about pain. Hard to type now, but getting better.


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