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Friday, September 8, 2017

Portuguese! Penelope! Stone Mountain! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:59 pm  

Portuguese! Surprised?

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery in the Brain Train tradition called “Vacation Station.” Lot of fun! Had a prayer time with my neighbor across the street from where I record. I’ve been praying for those ladies a lot lately. Good to make contact.

Released Verbal Surgery -487- “All Wrong Clocks!” A terrific episode on how to find happiness in your life.

Uploaded to server. Link on Facebook.
Fantastic time with Penelope today! Kathy is feeling better, too, but still can’t ride in the car comfortably.

I took Penelope over to McDonalds to play.
We enjoyed the ice cream!
We went to Stone Mountain. They had a Flower Show there. Of course we had to check that out.
I got her a balloon.
Interesting presentation with just a single cutting in bottles.
The special displays were cool, too.
I never see this carving in quite the same way since Charlottesville.
Pretty much the whole park was closed. But we still had fun. She was tuckered out afterwards!
Then fun with bubbles!
Interesting geometries.
The girls enjoyed the frozen treats I bought for the conference I’m teaching tomorrow at FBC Jonesboro.
Because of the conference, I have to get up super early, so I couldn’t watch Penelope this evening. I took her to Miles’ parent’s house! The other cousins met her there along with their dog, which Penelope loves! Good transition. I hate it when she’s sad when I leave. I’d much rather her be happy and me just exit stage left.

Came home to ride my bike 11.71 miles.
Watered my plants this evening. I found my bike glasses that were missing! I knew they were outside somewhere, but they were nearly invisible on the ground! All that looking for Dirty Money helped me spot them.
I like these better than my new ones. They’re thinner.

Trying to ramp down this evening. Need to try to go to sleep early. I’ll be waking up at 5:40am. I know a lot of people have to get up that early. It’s no big deal, I just expect a nap later!

I love teaching. I’ll do two sessions of Outreach Overdrive, and one session teaching Power Prayer, both are my passions!

Admin duties now.