Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Storm Damage! Portuguese! Podcast! Calls!

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:01 pm  

Studied Portuguese!

Kept getting “to arrive” and “to come back” mixed up. Grrr.

Lots of branches and leaf litter from the tropical storm yesterday.

Looked like the Fall, but with green leaves. Bizarre!

Had a couple of big trees fall over near our house.

Not much holding them up!

Recorded a new podcast! Had a good chat with my friend Anthony Jacquin in the UK.

Also helped Minhaz with his essay.

And talked with Mustak about storm damage.

I like lichens. They remind me of the rings of Saturn.

Did the shopping.

I thought this was funny.

I wish I could do this today. Too wet and no bike.

More study instead. Exercised my brain.

Called my bike guy to see about the status of repairs. Maybe done tomorrow.