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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Logistics! Portuguese! Westside! Shopping! Prep!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:48 pm  

Worked on figuring out the underground, buses and trains in the UK for my trip.

Studied Portuguese early this morning.
Almost to 200 days!
Went to Westside BC this morning! I played the djembe. I was careful with my hand! Also sang a special with the choir.
Pastor Ben spoke on the Passover. We had the Lord’s Supper this morning.
Gassed up my car in preparation for me leaving town.
Did the grocery shopping.
Checked into my flight.
Packed my bags and weighed in. 48lbs. Should be fine. Literally half of my bag is gifts! I just hope that my bag makes it to Birmingham, UK with me! I have to head straight on up to London by train to catch up with my friend Anthony Jacquin who is doing a seminar there.
I didn’t sleep well last night. My mind gets going too fast with things I need to figure out. It always works out, silly brain!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Podcast! Prep! 10.21.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:07 pm  

Recorded a new podcast this morning! “Shiny Dirt” is super groovy! Also went live talking about it on Facebook. Fun!

Ashley was commenting while I was going live today. She told me Penelope really liked it.

Over 90,000 downloads now!

Reviewing in Duolingo, moving at about five times my normal speed. Also spent some time studying verbs.

While I was there, I noticed these clear “zipper clouds.”

The were very low. Easy to see the concentrations.

I got a new adaptor for my iPhone 7+. With this I can listen and charge my phone at the same time.

Cleaned my fish tank. They should be fine until I get back on November 6th now. Jesse will continue to feed them. I also have some “weekend blocks” to put with the. They also eat the algae on the back of the tank. I purposely don’t clean that area specifically for that reason.
Watered 1/3 of my plants. Ran out of distilled water. I’ll get more after church.
I had a fun message from my Brazilian friends Marcella and Flavio today. It’s cool to be able to understand what they say. I’d say I’m at around 80% comprehension if they speak slowly.

Before I take a trip, I photograph the days in the Bible when I’ll be gone. Books are heavy to haul around.

Doing research on where I’m staying my first night in London. A hostel called the “Dictionary.” I’ll be on a bunk bed with 16 other people. Not in the same bed! Three nights I’ll be at the hostel Another three nights I’ll be in a AirBnB which is within short walking distance where the Hilton is where the conference will be held. Didn’t want to have to hassle with local transport late.

I’ll use Google maps Street view and memorize all the land marks I’ll need when I’m on foot to and from the underground and the train station.

That strategy worked great for my trip to Israel. I recognized all the land marks as if I had already been there!

Living in the future, baby!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Podcast! LIVE! Yard Work! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:44 pm  

Recorded “Knot Able” this morning! How we learn and remember is important to remember!

Released Verbal Surgery -498- “Guide LIONS.” Excellent edition focusing on the rules that keep us in line.

Also went LIVE on Facebook with a video version of “Guide LIONS.”

After lunch, I worked on the yard. Mowed the front and blew the driveway and deck.

Looks better!
The Verbal Surgeon Cabin.
Pushed that lawnmower .50 miles.
Went for a 15.50 mile bike ride.
I already have six episodes ready after I get back from the UK. Astonishing how much I love to hear myself talk.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DuoLingo! John! Goodwill!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:53 pm  

Cold this morning!

Had a great prayer time with my friend John Cook. He’s always a blessing to me!

Went to Goodwill to get some toys for Penelope. Lots of cool stuff I think she’ll enjoy. I also got me a good backback to take on the plane.
Went to the mall to look around. This was different.

Sounds like everyone needs this.

Twenty minutes of that sound horrible. And then you have to give them $20!

After a little over six months I finally beat DuoLingo! I can’t say that I’ve mastered Portuguese, but I would say I’m at an upper beginner to intermediate level.

I feel pretty impressed.

Havia muita tralbaha.

This also sounds pretty groovy.

One of my all time favorite movies!

I think Penelope will really enjoy these. She loves playing in the sand.

I had some time before the mission so I went to Walmart and picked Ashley and Penelope some frozen treats. Apparently, Penelope isn’t feeling well. Sneezing and coughing. She liked the popcicles.

Looked around at an antique store.

Deposited checks into the bank TWICE today. One set from yesterday and another from today. Thank you, Jesus!

After all the time in Chamblee, I decided not to go to the mission. I knew that Penelope would want to hang all over me and I just couldn’t take the thought of getting sick before I travel. Made me sad thinking about it.
Came home to rest.
Admin duties now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Portuguese! Coffee! Logistics! Azalea!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:17 pm  

Studied Portuguese. Cada dia um pouco mais!

Got my new Mr. Coffee on line!

Took the financial report to my treasurer.

Deposited checks.

Mailed a letter to my friend Matt Hale in Australia.

Picked up more checks at FBC Doraville. Thank you, Jesus!

Worked with the kids at the mission. Kathy came with me today. She got some good baby lovin!

Ashley and Penelope are always awesome!

I gave her a box to play with in the sand.

Kathy has lost more than thirty pounds. She couldn’t sit in these booths before!

Mr. Google took me home a different way this evening. Glad he did! The BAPS Hindu Temple was lit up for Diwali. Wow!

I liked the notes I received today from supporters.

Finished the Brasileiro Dossier for the folks coming to the UK in November. Sent it to the folks on my team.
Admin duties now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Podcast! Allen! Tour! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:35 pm  

My coffee maker went dead today. Bloody hell.

Studied Portuguese! Porque eu posso!

Recorded a new podcast this morning called, “Brain Raining.” My take on Brain storming. It’s important to get new ideas on where your future might take you!

Released Verbal Surgery -497- “ValYOU!”

Met up with my friend Allen Huber today. We took him on Safari to Plaza Fiesta, Asian Square and Buford Highway Farmers Market.

I had a short break to get some frozen yogurt. Last night I was complaining to Jesse how I’d studied German at Baylor and had had nearly NO use of it since. Today, as I was eating my froyo, I suddenly started hearing German! A young mother with her two boys and a girl were conversing animatedly in German. I couln’t believe it! I tried my limited Deutsch with them. They appreciated it!

Went to check out the Antiques Row in Chamblee before working with the kids. I didn’t buy anything, but I saw some cool stuff.

I bust a blood vessel in my hand playing the djembe at church on Sunday. Although the swelling has gone done, it looks way worse today.

Worked with the kids at the mission.
Came home to study the names and faces of the Brasileros coming to the UK next week!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Portuguese! Chris & Ricky! Podcast! Media! Mission! ISS 10.16.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 1:04 am  

Studied Portuguese. Eu preciso falar com os brasileros em Londres!
About six months now!

Checked on the weather in England. Looks pretty good right now.

Went to FBC Lilburn to meet up with my friends Chris Williams and Ricky Bowmena. I thought this looked cool.

It’s the kind of shot I couldn’t get with my iPhone 7+.

Dressed more warmly today!

I liked the sound of this.

I took Chris and Ricky to Forest Vale to check out the mission.

After our meeting, I recorded another edition of Verbal Surgery “MOuntain Top Tunnels.” Excellent show on how to be happy.

Then went to Walmart to do the shopping.

I liked these bikes. I wanted to get one for Penelope. Decided a trike would probably be better. Easier to learn pedalling on.

Went to the Post Office to get stamps for the newsletters.

Got a new tiny orchid. Beauty.

Typed up my sermon notes for Twitter.

Shimanto and Sandra had their baby! Matteo.

Helped the kids at the mission. They helped me with labels. I bought them doughnuts as a prize.

Penelope eats all the icing off “the cake.”

Beautiful sunset.

I saw the International Space Station for the 32nd time this evening!

Blew the driveway when I got home.

Finished the labels on the letters. I was missing some so had to print more.

Did some research on my trip.

I will release this on Tuesday.

Moving towards my exit date!

Some dates have changed since we’re not going to Scotland.

Started studying the Brasileros who are coming to London!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Portuguese! Westside! Bike! Newsletter! Gifts! 10.15.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:59 pm  

Studied Portuguese. Porque eu posso!

Went to Westside BC.

I played djembe with the band.

Good kids.

John sang a solo. I thought he did really well.

Pastor Ben gave an evangelistic message.
We had lunch together at the church. Glad Kathy felt well enough to go.

Azaleas outside church!

Took my bike to get repaired after the crash. I didn’t know anything was wrong until my last bike ride. He tweaked the brakes and fixed the gear shifter. Cost me $10. He did it while I waited.

These guys have done good work for Kathy and me.

Came home to work on my newsletter. I’m trying to get it done early so it won’t be too much work for Ashley.

Created a PDF from the newsletter and sent it to our friend Joel Harrison at the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.

Also printed the labels.

Wrapped the last of the gifts, unless I find something else I like!

Great shot!

I saw the International Space Station for the 31st time this evening.

Almost missed it because my phone with the alarm was not on me at the time. Got to the top of the hill and there it was! Clear, great view!

How I know when to look.

Admin duties now.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lilburn Daze! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:47 pm  

This morning I went to the Lilburn Daze festival.

I was part of the Health Tent where people got their flu shots and blood pressure, blood sugar checked.

I was there to show people the power of their minds. I had a talk with most of the people that had really high blood pressure readings. After I worked with them for a few minutes, they had another reading.

The first lady I worked with went from 140 as the high to 120. The nurses were absolutely astonished. They’d never seen changes that drastic. “Maybe a few points, but not 20!”

I went to my car to get my water bottle and met up with my friends the Williams!

Hadn’t seen them for years. What a blessing! While I was with them, one of the ladies came running up to me. “We need you to talk to a lady. Her blood pressure is VERY high!”
I could tell be the tone of her voice that it was serious. So I said goodbye to Bob and ran over to check the situation.
The lady had a blood pressure of 170. The nurses shook their heads and looked worried.
I had a great talk with the lady. Led her through a progressive relaxation with deep breathing. I woke her up and told to stay in this absolutely relaxed state. The nurses (the first nurse didn’t believe the results and asked for the supervisor) came up with a reading of 140. They were absolutely astonished by the results. “I’ve never seen a 30 point drop in blood pressure and I’ve done hundreds of these.”
“Power of the mind, sister,” I said nonchalently.
I did a Facebook LIVE broadcast with one of the nurses reporting the experience. Click on it HERE.

Lots of vendors there.

Live music.

When’s the last time you saw something like this?

I thought this was funny.

I liked this.

Didn’t get to do my Portuguese until the afternoon.

I LOVE shooting with my my Canon camera again.

All day long I’d been giving the example of cutting a lemon and biting it to stimulate people having an onslaught of saliva. The example is to show people the power of the mind over the body.
I saw a cut lemon on the way back to my car.
Reality is Plastic.

Came home and rode my bike 13.38 miles.

It’s got a problem with the front brake and the left gear shifter. It wasn’t just me that was damaged in the crash! I’ll take her to the bike shop tomorrow afternoon.
Watered my plants.

I Watched a TED talk on Venus Fly Traps. It was cool.

Admin duties now.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Portuguese! Podcast! LIVE! Penelope! Media! 10.13.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:53 pm  

It’s Friday the 13th!

I studied Portuguese this morning. Por que nao?

Released Verbal Surgery -496- “Rah, Rah, RAW!” Get cheered up with this enthusiastic edition of my podcast!

Recorded a new podcast! Verbal Surgery -507- “Elastic Plastic!” Stretch yourself by confronting your problem areas!
Also went LIVE!
Just click on the word LIVE and get grooving.
Cheer yourself up with this enthusiastic video!
The GIRLS got together today!

Added a couple of new levels to my Patreon page!

Made a list of the places I needed to post material.
DISMISSED! Thank you, SIR!

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