Whirlwind Missions

Monday, October 2, 2017

Penelope! Portuguese! Painting! Mission! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:01 pm  

GREAT to have Penelope spend the night! She’s always such a blessing!

I studied Portuguese and caught up on my blog this morning. I was totally crashed out last night with Penelope.

Penelope helped me clean the glass door.

She took a nap after lunch and I painted the deck furniture.

Just about ready to put everything back up on the deck! Jesse will be putting his tent back up soon. He’s looking forward to moving back outside.

I updated my phone to the new iOS10. I like it for the most part. Has some small bugs that bother me. I’ll figure it out.

Enjoyed holding my new grand baby! Everly is SO beautiful!

Ashley was the first one out to start helping the kids. She is an amazing young woman!

Miles is such a great Dad!

I always have fun teaching the children. It’s not easy sometimes, but still very rewarding!

Came home to ride my bike 4.87 miles.

I won’t do that again. Got too dark. Not safe. It wasn’t completely dark, and I did have a light on my bike for safety, but still.

I mean when the street lights come on and the moon is bright, it’s too dark.

Watched An Idiot Abroad with K. I think it’s pretty funny.
Admin duties now.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Portuguese! Media! TimCoins! Westside! Penelope!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:46 am  

Studied Portuguese!

Just keep going!

Added material to my Twitter feed. It’s automated with five posts every day. I have it to run until January of 2018. I’m a mighty prolific piece of business. The tweets are my version of sermon notes. Check them out at @timacummins.

Jesse tells me there are over 60,000 of my proverbs.
I’m teaching at the UK Hypnosis confenence in London the first weekend in November. As part of my marketing, I’ll be giving out TimCoins to my friends there. I like crafty projects! Especially when they involve making a lot of stuff with my face on them! Ay, caramba!

I like the weight of the half dollars. I got them for face value at the coin shop.
Figured out the “proof of concept.”
Then went into mass production. Mass being 50.

Cut the pictures out.

I like the look of that!

I used a DIY lamenating idea by putting them on package tape then putting another layer of tape on top.

Went to Westside BC.

Wore the map jacket to church. Chilly at 59 degrees!

Four new deacons!

Children’s sermon can last almost as long as the grown up sermon.

Pastor Ben spoke on the importance of making friends.

Got home and ate a quick lunch. Then back to the TimCoin project.

I’ll finish it soon. I need to glue the Tims on the coin. Can’t do that with Penelope around!

Went for a 10.86 mile bike ride.

Saw a cool double zipper cloud.

Vulture looked hungry. I just kept pumping the pedals!

Wore an old map jacket for my ride. Not sure how I’m going to manage the cold when it REALLY starts to chill down.

My sunshine splitter looked cool on the floor.

Ashley brought Penelope over about 5:45pm. Always fun to have the Magnificent Baby around!

On the way to the park, I saw an ice crystal rainbow.

She likes the sand.

And climbing!

Beautiful sunset!