Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Orchids! Newsletter! Mike! Bike! 5.22.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:13 pm  


Brain Training!

I keep moving forward in EspaƱol.

My orchids continue to blow me away with their beauty.

I love my green room!

My gardenias are also blooming. Love the smell!

Went to the Post Office to mail a package to my friend Mike Mandel in Canada. Also got stamps for the newsletters. My Post Office is being remodeled. I went to this one instead.

I’m enjoying the book The Art of Learning.

I put more of my carnivorous plants outside to get a snack.

I wrote and produced my newsletter.

Labels for the envelopes.

Had a good chat with my buddy, Marcus Lewis. He’s working on a promo for his trip to India and wanted some feedback.

Captured and released another squirrel. Seems endless. I think this was #61.

Went for an 18.40 mile bike ride. It was terrific.

This is one of the coolest species of mycelium I’ve seen in a while. Optic yellow!

Beautiful clouds.

It was almost dark when I got home. I cut my ride short to make sure I was still visible.

I rode past Parkview High School, which was a mistake since the place was packed because of the Graduation Ceremony this evening. It was still fun to see everyone dressed up.

Cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders.

Sent an email to the Youth Directors who have worked with us over the last several years. Included the second chapter from my book Story Tim called “Lion Chow.”

Admin duties now.