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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! Mission! 8.27.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:57 pm  

Enjoyed watching a helicopter drop off a big container.

Picked up the grand girls at Global Mall and saw Ashley.

The girls are such good helpers. Penelope helped me mail a package.

Nothing sprouting in our flower seeds so far.

My gardenias are flowering. That’s always good.

I got the girls a set of Picasso Tiles. They’re enjoying making stuff with that.

Penelope helped me make breakfast. Grits and toast.

We stopped off at a construction site and I explained to them how they were building a parking garage by putting together these huge pieces of concrete. It was like those construction tiles.

We went to Stone Mountain today. We put some pennies on the railroad ties.

Walked about a third of the way up.

Had a break and enjoyed the beautiful weather and ate some chocolate chip cookies that we made. We walked about a mile in all.

Penelope enjoyed showing me some of the toys that she made from the new construction set.

On the way to the mission the traffic was bad. We were first one in line that got stopped so had a good view at the tow truck hauling the car out of the ditch.

Penelope helped me get the envelopes ready to mail. She is an excellent helper.

Had a big group of kids and adults who needed help at the mission. I’m being very strict about everyone wearing masks. They’re not really used to doing that. It’s a struggle at times.

Today I tied my all-time record on Duolingo of 282 days straight.

The last time I got that I was two years ago when I was studying Portuguese. I was actually in Rio de Janeiro in the streak broke. That was because the Wi-Fi field in the house that we were staying at went out.

I am speaking Spanish a lot at the mission. Several of the children and the parents speak little or no English so it’s good practice for me and makes me feel proud of the progress that I’ve made.

Got all the newsletters in the mail.

Studied Spanish this evening and did my brain training.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery today called, “To See or Not To See.”

It’s excellent.

Did my brain training.

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