Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Grandgirls! Ashley! Reimbold! 8.19.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:54 pm  

Studied Spanish and did my brain training.

Met up with Ashley and the grand girls at Global Mall.

Had a fun day with them today.

I organized some of the girl’s clothes in a drawer for them to use at my house now. That’s good.

We went to visit Ashley at her new job.

She’s working with the Reimbold Eye Group in Alpharetta. Everyone was super nice to us and of course fell in love with the grand girls.

We had a fun lunch together.

Then went back to Chamblee and had some frozen yogurt.

Talked with more of the kids at the mission. Trying to figure out how best to help them. It seems they’re using Google classroom for their assignments. Did seem to find out that they can log on with our Wi-Fi. We may need to try to get an extender so we can use it outside. I’d rather us all be less exposed to the virus and keep everything outside as long as possible.

Didn’t get to bike. A big weather pattern blew through Stone Mountain with a lot of rain.

I liked this sticker.

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