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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Grandgirls! Squirt Shirts! Bills! 8.6.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:23 pm  

Studied Spanish this morning.

Still need to do my brain training.

The girls helped me clean out the bird baths.

Then we cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeders.

I always try to get them to help make their breakfast. They push the buttons on the microwave to heat things up.

We did squirt shirts today.

Doing the rubber bands was a little bit too hard for them. So I got water guns and filled them with ink and they squirted shirts. We had fun with that. First, I had them practice with just water in the guns.

I have fun building them forts and tents.

I caught two chipmunks at the same time. I always let them go in my yard. They live around my house but they don’t try to get in my house.

I only provide taxi service for the seemingly endless supply of squirrels.

Got the groceries. I dearly love the curbside service. Super fast. Like, I get parked and five minutes later I’m leaving with a car full of groceries. Astonished how few people take advantage of a free service (as long as I buy $35 of groceries.)

Paid bills.

I’ve enjoyed playing Far Cry Primal. I have a sabertooth lion that follows me around and protects me. That’s cool. I pet it and it purrs.

One of the tribes that is against my tribe has a lot of standing stone structures. I thought this one was looked a lot like Stonehenge.

The game is set in Central Europe over 10,000 years ago. All the characters speak ancient languages. Proto Indo-European. I’ve enjoyed picking up words and phrases. The game developers hired ancient language nerds to develop the three dialects that the tribes speak.

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