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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Grandgirls! Overnight! Bill! Bike! 8.21-22.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:52 pm  

Friday, I picked up the girls at Global Mall.

Enjoyed seeing Ashley.

On the way home, we got gasoline for the car.

I showed the girls the new workbooks I got them. I call them “Gamebooks.” They enjoyed working on those.

We had fun with play dough as well.

It was a rainy day.

Ordered groceries.

We went outside when it stopped raining to do bubbles.

Later that day, I worked on Everly‘s foot that got a little cut on it. Hydrogen peroxide plus antibiotic salve plus a Band-Aid plus a sock and she was OK.

Heavy thunderstorms through the ATL.

They went to sleep about 9:30. I actually has good night’s sleep last night which was shocking.

I liked this article.

Saturday morning I showed them what a sticker burr was. A lot of times I’ll call them a little sticker burr.

Also told them the story about when I used to do spearfishing in the river in Georgetown, Texas.

We worked some more on the letters, shapes and holding pencils. Penelope is making good progress on all that.

After that, I took them to the other set of grandparents to enjoy them.

I got a new holder for my phone for my car. I wore the other one out it was hard to get it to hold it in place.

Went to Rock Bridge Baptist Church.

Met up with the President of my board. He got some masks for us to use with the kids at the mission.

Also listened to Marcus Aurelius on the way home.

I got home and my little school seemed sad and empty.

Got the groceries. I’ve been cleaning them off with a bleach solution before I bought them in the house. Jesse and I discussed it and decided it really wasn’t worth the extra effort. The latest research has shown that the covid virus doesn’t stay on surfaces like they first were saying. Hard to contract like that.

I studied Spanish. I continue to make progress on that.

I rode my bike 15.25 miles.

Saw some interesting mushrooms because it’s been raining a lot.

Beautiful full sun crescent moon.

Interesting clouds.

Listened to Marcus Aurelius as well as to Radio for Madrid.

Also went over all the poetry that I know. Takes about an hour to quote.

Still need to do my brain training.

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