Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Grandgirls! Reading! Azalea! 11.3.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:31 pm  

We are the World Champions of Baseball! (At least in the USA!) Go, Braves!

I’m glad my grandgirls have had Covid. It seems the best protection for them.


Incredible dawn clouds!

Love my girls!

EspaƱol! I stayed up and studied Spanish last night. I’m in a league of thirty new people every week in Duolingo. Everyone is pretty advanced. If you’re in the bottom ten people you get demoted in the league. Basically, you earn XP by completing lessons with high accuracy. I’m in the Diamond League, which is the highest. I must admit, it does motivate me to work harder and longer, knowing I’m always on the Leader Board.

Picked up the newsletters at the office.

I worked with Penelope on her sight words. I’d make long sentences for her to read. She did great. Practice is always helpful! Seems like it’s easier to remember the words in context.

I realized that if I wanted to get the letters in the mail today, I needed to get the kids to help me. So they stuffed envelopes while we folded.

Made my deadline and got the letters in the mail stream by 4:45 PM.

Helped the kids with their homework.

Cold day.

I released Verbal Surgery -893- “Purple Cupcake.”

Get over the difficulties that life throws you faster!