Whirlwind Missions

Monday, November 15, 2021

Grandgirls! Spend Night! Park! Car! 11.14-15.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:42 pm  

Grandgirls spent the night. That turns two days into one long day. Thus the blog.

I say this all the time.


They are STILL sending it to the wrong house. Wow.

GREAT to see this!

Beautiful, cold day.

We had a fun time at the Library park. Penelope was super into the monkey bars. She went all the way across!

Enjoyed the library.

They went to sleep around 7pm.

My fridge seemed to be leaking ever so slightly. Called the plumbers today. All the plumbing is fine. I cleaned out and took a lot of stuff out of the freezer. That should make it work a lot better.

Took out a big piece of ice.

The food I put back. A LOT I just chucked.

It’s important not to block these vents.

A rug in front of the fridge got a bit wet. Took it outside to dry.


Uno mas.

Ordered groceries.

I got the oil changed in the Mercury. I always call before I go over to see how busy they are.

I brushed and put Penelope’s hair in braids. Trimmed her bangs.

Also worked on Everly’s.

T&G has worked on my cars for over twenty years.

Changed the oil. Checked the brakes and rotated the tires. I have an ongoing check engine light which indicates that something in the emissions system is not 100%. Doesn’t hurt the car’s performance at all.

We had an issue taking the tires off because we needed the tire lock key. I had to go home to find it in a storage bin we have for all the Mercury stuff. It should have been left in the car. It is now.



Very interesting.