Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Grandgirls & K! Stone Mountain Christmas! 11.24.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:04 pm  

One of my favorite retail stores, along with Goodwill.

I will probably get this.

I take Vitamin D.

Georgia is a big deal.

Really glad to hear this. I still can’t get over the Rittenhouse verdict.




I sounded out what we ordered for the All Star breakfast at Waffle House. She wrote down the letters.

I love me some Penelope!

Waffle House!

We fed hard bread rolls to some pigeons this morning.

I had the girls crunch ’em up.

Love my girls!


Deposited checks. Amen.

My new look.

I dropped the plunger I bought for Ann at her house.

We went to the Goodwill on 78 to look for jackets and of course toys.

The Dollar Tree is a good place to look for pencils and colors and notebooks. I made a little art box for her.

Everly liked the accessories.

We went to Dairy Queen to get the cake for Penelope.

I got them some chicken strips. Their white gravy is killer.

We checked out the Stone Mountain schedule today and it said the Dinotauriom was open. We got pretty excited about it. Told the girls they had to take a nap or we wouldn’t go. So they rested. Amen.

The place was crowded but not overly so.

The dinotaurium turned out to be really lame. So we went to the Dino exhibit pretty quickly.

My new friend.

The place was super loud.

We liked the dinosaurs, but I don’t like when they paint them and make them look goofy.

My favorite part was the funnel cake. Man. I love that stuff. Especially when it’s right out of the grease.

Train ride.

Interesting con trail.


Cool lighting with the fog.

We are so lucky to live right by Stone Mountain. Our year pass “Super Tickets” have really been a great value for us. The Christmas and Halloween themed attractions are really quite good.

I always enjoy playing with the “swishy lights” effect. I squeeze the shutter and rotate the camera at the same time. I also use the vivid filter.