Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Grandgirls! Bank! Azalea! 11.10.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:45 pm  

Fascinating. How many do you know?

This could really be a great game but I don’t think it’s my style.


Always great to have Ashley time!

Everly enjoys climbing on the rocks by the Walmart gas station.

Metro Diner for breakfast.

We saw a dead fox on the way home. We stopped for closer inspection. Sad and gross.

Deposited checks. We had a major donation that really helped us.

While we were getting gas, I showed Everly how someone had stolen an ATM machine. I’ve heard about people doing this, but had never seen evidence of it.

Walmart has good prices on gas. It’s actually a Murphy gas station. I’m a member there. I insert my number and it tracks the gallons I get. After x amount of gallons you qualify for a .10 price reduction for that fill up. Kathy and I both get gas there. I also like that there are hardly any people there. I used to always go to QT, but that place is PACKED with people. Plus, with the Chic Fil A on that corner, the traffic is whack.


Checked the fluid levels. Usually that means oil and wiper fluids.

Beautiful sky.

Everly made me some tiny play dough owls.


Everly likes to help me clean the birdbaths.

We checked out my collection of carnivorous plants. I have them outside in a protective plastic box. They need the light and temperature changes to have a proper dormant season.

I found a penny today that had seen better days.

I love Penelope’s art. She has such a vibrant style.

I enjoy hanging out with the grandgirls so much,

We ate at the Buford Highway Farmers market.

I get several texts, emails and direct mail about wanting to buy my house every week. That’s a good sign that our property is valuable.

Helped the kids at the mission.

Always more words and clarification of those words!

Gorgeous clouds.