Whirlwind Missions

Monday, May 9, 2022

#1! Stone Mountain! Nana! 5.9.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:29 pm  

Last night I had another exciting finish on Duolingo. A lot of the competition is figuring out how to make a lot of points fast before your competition can respond. Every time I finish a set of lessons, I get a double XP reward. I save a bunch of lessons which have been done except for the last lesson of the unit so I can get multiple rewards one after the other.

There is a special test that you can take that is only offered for four days and the last three hours of the competition. I saved all those lessons up so I could get the most points when they really counted. Robin and I went back and forth for #1 the whole week. As you can tell, we were WAY ahead of the rest of the competition.

At the end of the evening, I came out on top by a whopping 2,000 points. The main thing is that I’m learning a LOT.

Want to guess what this image is for?

Penelope wasn’t feeling well last Thursday. Everly and I went to get her chocolate. This is how she likes her slushies from QT.



Quite cool morning, but turned out warm.

Went to my spot in Stone Mountain to record and talk to my Mom. I was distressed to see a LOT of trees with pink ribbons around them. That normally means they are targeted to get cut down which is something I’m never happy about. That’s especially because I depend on those trees to keep me shady in my car.

There are always a lot of movies being shot around Stone Mountain.

I’ve seen a lot of geese with their goslings lately.

I had a good talk with my Mom. Jessi came out to join our conversation too.

I ordered her a weather station for her house for Mother’s Day.

I realized to my chagrin that I didn’t have a hide a key for my car. Not sure when it fell off. Went to Lowes to get another made. Sadly, they didn’t have the blanks for it. Went to Home Depot to get it done. Also got another hide a key device for K to use. Hers was super hard to open.

If you don’t have these for your car, you should! Most car keys have a chip in them, but you can use one without the chip just to get into your car.


Adelante. I really enjoy learning.

Spent most of the afternoon resting. My back is still bothering me but it’s a lot better. Amen.