Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Grandgirls! Evergreen! Bank! Podcast! 5.18.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:47 pm  

I was up at 5:30 AM studying EspaƱol. That wasn’t my goal, it’s just the way it worked out.


Perfect weather this morning, but got pretty hot this afternoon.

Went to Global Mall to pick up Everly since I didn’t need the pain meds that kept me from driving. Overall, my jaw and teeth feel pretty good. Still sore. I just take ibuprofen during the day.

Love my girls!


Deposited checks. Amen.

Fruit breakfast!

My trees are growing!

My Venus Fly Traps are blooming. Most of the time I don’t let them do that since the plants spend so much energy to flower. I just trim the flowering shoots off. This year I’m hoping to pollinate them with the other VFTs so that they’ll go to seed.

Everly and I went to Evergreen at Stone Mountain to enjoy the swimming pool for an hour. NAPA was having a conference, hence the old car. This time of year the place isn’t busy at all.

We went to the German Bakery for lunch. I cut stuff into really tiny pieces so I could chew it without interfering with my surgical site.

Everly was coloring and I started talking to her. She said, “Shhh. Can’t you see I’m trying to focus.” Hilarious.

I brought lemon squares home from the bakery for Penelope and K. P begged Kathy for hers which she gave to Penelope. Funny.

Penelope is into working on her 1st grade workbook I got her. We did about five pages together. Hope that can be a regular thing during the summer. School ends on Friday. I’ll pick her up at 11:30 AM and we’ll go do lunch together. Next week her family heads to Tybee. That’ll be fun. Then I have them for the rest of the Summer. The girls and Jessi and I will be taking a trip to Texas to see my family in June. K will be holding down the fort here.

The kids at the mission said that they had passed and would be going on to the next class in the fall. I was glad for them. I couple of them were real borderline cases.

I waited outside for about thirty minutes seeing if any of the kids needed help. I worked with Everly while we waited. Eventually, we just came on back in.

While I was with the grandgirls, we played lots of games including charades and hot potato with ZZ Top playing. It was fun.


Got the swim gear drying.

Released Verbal Surgery “Rehearsal Reversal.” this evening.