Whirlwind Missions

Friday, May 27, 2022

Bikes! Chamblee! Hose! 5.27.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:03 pm  

I thought this was cool. The different shapes a drop of water forms depending on the resonant frequency of a tone.

I’m always learning English words too!

Palabras! EspaƱol!


After I’d made the flight plans for Texas, I discovered that I’d made a mistake on when our team from Savannah was coming. Fortunately, it’s not hard to change the times on Southwest. I’m checking to see if Ashley can cover the day I’m not there first, however.

I thought I’d missed a delivery by Walmart. Turned out they mailed it instead of bringing to my house. Still got here, just wasn’t expecting it that way.

My bike tire had a flat. I pumped it up along with the tires on the two bikes I was given yesterday. I also oiled all the moving parts and cleaned the frames.

Wasn’t the easiest thing to get them onto the car. They’re not regular adult sized bikes.

I dropped them off at Azalea and talked with some of the kids and parents. There are hardly ever any kids out. Eventually, I’ll talk to a couple of the youngsters that I want to give them to, but until then anybody who wants to use them can.

Then over to my office to pick up the mail and process checks.

Went to the bank to deposit checks.

Added the data onto our spreadsheet.

I’ve been having this issue where when I’m driving, the control screen will pop up on my iPhone. I figured it had something to do with the vibration of the phone holder that triggered an accessibility function which I believe turned out to be correct. At least it didn’t do it on the way home. It was crazy. I now have both options set to “none.”

I’m reading Eric Barker’s new book “Plays Well With Others.” I’m finding it a fun read so far. Here’s a taste.

Some of my plants weren’t doing well outside. I realized that they were staying too wet. I drilled holes into the bottom of the planter. Hopefully, that will help.

About five years ago, I broke down and bought a really good, heavy duty, industrial strength garden hose. It was 100 foot and cost about $80 which I thought was outrageous. BUT, this one had a lifetime guarantee. I kept going through these cheap hoses about once every couple of months. Sometimes they wouldn’t even last a few weeks.

The original lasted nearly two years. When I went in for a replacement I could tell a BIG difference in the quality. Eventually, I did that four other times. Finally, I gave up on the 100 foot hoses and tried another brand with a lifetime guarantee that was only 50 foot. I figured that way I wouldn’t have to take in that whole heavy hose. Today, I had to get the first replacement of the 50 foot hose. Lasted less than eight months.

Ordered groceries. I’ll pick them up tomorrow.

Blew off the driveway and the deck.

Also sprayed the deck.