Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hummingbirds! Newsletters! Plants! 5.29.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:01 pm  

Seventy years. That’s really something.

I know I have several windows and doors that leak air. I’ll have to do some research on how to fix them.

I’m going to remember this.

From Eric Barkers new book “Plays Well With Others.”



Watered my plants. A lot of my orchids are blooming.

With the warmer weather, I need to redo the water in the hummingbird feeders once a week, otherwise they start to ferment. I saw both the male and female hummingbird at my window feeder today. Makes me so happy.

I moved one of my feeders over one set of trees. Now I can see two of them from my spot on the front porch. It’s good to have them somewhat separated.

Raked and swept off the rug outside more door.

Redid my Saint Francis shrine.

Went to the Dollar Tree to get some silk flowers. I’m going to put them in the bushes near my front porch. Add a little color, even if it’s fake color.

Also picked up a paint brush. I’m trying to pollenate the Venus Fly Trap flowers so I can get seeds and try to grow them. Never done that before.


Produced my newsletter. Wrote it and did the labels. Did everything but put the stamps on. I ran out of them and the machine at the Post Office was out of order.