Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Podcast! Plants! Hummingbirds! 5.22.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:31 pm  


Buckminster Fuller is my July 12th birthday buddy. Love his work.

Kevin Kelly is one of my heroes. If he says watch something, I normally do. I’ve already watched an episode of the YesTheory and really liked it. You will too.

Love this quote. I aim to do this with the kids at the mission and with the teams that I work with.

A terrific idea. What would you do if you only had a tiny bit of time left?

I love trees.

Seth Godin had a great blog post today.



This was such a great story about Beethoven.



The kids went to Tybee Island today. I thought it was interesting that I saw this article this morning.

While I was studying Spanish, I saw the mama hummingbird. I decided it was good to clean out and refill my feeders. Good thing I did since the sugar water had started to ferment. I forgot how fast that happened when it started getting warm.

Mix a 1/4 ratio, sugar to water.

Mix it up.

Refill and hung back up.

Refilled my jugs of water I use to stock the dog water bowl that the raccoons use. They make a mess pretty much every day. They like to soak the dry dog food I put out in the water before they eat it. It’s way easier to use a gallon of water than it is to get the water hose out.

Pulled the weeds out of my wisteria garden and watered the young plants.

Then watered the liriope that I planted last month.


Rain is on the way. I still watered my plants. Never know just how much rain they’ll actually get.

Watered my inside plants. So much beauty.

Can you believe the blue cactus?

Gassed up my car and checked the fluids.

Picked up some more Burt’s Bees chapstick.

Ordered my groceries. I’ll pick them up tomorrow evening.

Released Verbal Surgery -944- “Flag Wavers.” So good.

Recorded a new episode this afternoon called “Non-Visible.”

I went through my list and discovered I had two other episodes that I Hadn’t put in the line up for release. So I’m two weeks ahead of schedule, and seeing that the girls won’t be with me this week, my guess is that I’ll record at least three more. As my wife would say, “I live to hear myself talk.”

The episodes labeled as -999- were recorded before the pandemic and I’ve yet to release them either.