Whirlwind Missions

Monday, May 23, 2022

#1! Tooth! Hubcap! Groceries! 5.23.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:06 pm  

Rained last night and today. Not all that much.

Came in #1 in the Duolingo Diamond league last night. That’s always an accomplishment.

My Mom wanted to know what I drink in the mornings so she could have it when we go to Texas for ten days. A couple of heaping teaspoons of hot chocolate plus a teaspoon of instant coffee with a teaspoon of sugar. Makes twenty ounces.




Went to my dentist this morning to have him check on my extraction site.

My mouth has been really sore, especially in the jaw area. It feels like I have a bad earache most of the time. Dr. Jeon explained that that was completely normal. There are a large group of nerves that travel along the tooth line and up into the jaw where the ear is. It hurts up and down that area. It’s getting better, but it was still good to have him tell me that.

Unfortunately, the gums were still too swollen to put the crown in the back back on. I’ll have to wait for nearly two more weeks to check it out again. That will be a few days before going to Texas. I’ll go back on June 2nd.

The competition that I’m involved in this week is with a guy that has studied twenty-four different languages! I expect him to win the league challenge this week. I hope to come in second or third. It’s a competition where you the best students compete with the best so it always gets harder.

Dave scored exactly 10,000 XP today which is astonishing.


Not sure what this is, but I like it. The French words mean “To see, to say.”

Went by my office to check on the mail.

I’m always studying. I got the definition of fetid pretty close. I kept hearing the Spanish word “fetido” which I was sure was the same word. There are a tremendous amount of cognates in Spanish/English. The larger your vocabulary, the more words you can guess in the other Romantic languages.

Here’s another new one. Way more than one meaning.

Deposited checks.

I got my replacement hubcap in today. It’s a beauty, right? Solid metal.

Just keep going.

Picked up my groceries.

I slept great last night. Looking forward to that tonight.